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Olaleye Communications, Inc. 71 Windsor St. Boston, MA 02120 (857) 389-8986

The Olaleye Communications web site is being reconstructed.
It was damaged when the ISP removed server side extensions.
Most of our material is here. We're working on it.

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Fine Art Photography Portfolio
Fine Art Photography by Dr. Reginald Jackson
Golden Boy as Anthony Cool

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Social Justice
Fine Art Photography by Dr. Reginald Jackson
Resurrection City Series-Poor People's Campaign, Washington, D.C. - 1968.<
Public Art
Public art mural at the John O'Bryant African American Institute at Northeastern University in Boston
Murals at the John O'Bryant African American Institute
Northeastern University, Boston MA.
Lecture Seminar Series
More information about our Lecture Seminar Series
International / Diaspora
Fine Art Photography by Dr. Reginald Jackson
Recordia Festival, Ouidah
Benin, W. Africa
Olaleye Communications, Inc.
71 Windsor Street Boston, MA 02120
(857) 389-8986

Olaleye Communications, Inc. is a 501 c(3) non profit organization formed in 1986 by Reginald Jackson, Ph.D. Dr. Jackson serves as a consultant to artists and scholars who are conducting visual and cultural research related to African retentions in the Americas. He holds a Ph.D. in Visual Anthropology from Union Institute, an MFA and a BFA from Yale University.

Dr. Jackson is available for lectures. Request arrangements.

    some topics are:

  • Ghana's Slave Forts and Castles
  • Cross Cultural influences and Accommodations in Ghana 1970-present
  • The Candomble of Brazil
  • The Yoruba Religious Tradition in the Americas

The mission of Olaleye Communications, Inc. is to distribute educational, visual and cultural information pertaining to the Black experience and the experiences of people of color; to be a resource base for young people and schools, interested community leaders, educators, artists, historians and scholars, and to implement projects and activities that bring this expanded world view of Africanisms or African Cultural Survivals to the Commonwealth. And furthermore its purpose is to raise the consciousness of all people to the value of African heritage, and to provide specific visual images about what that heritage is and how pervasive those images are.

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