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Experience the African Diaspora with thought provoking,
visually-oriented lectures perfect for Black History month
and throughout the year.

Dr. Jackson holds a Ph.D. in Visual Anthropology from Union Institute and
an MFA and a BFA from Yale University. He is founder and president of
Olaleye Communications, Inc., of Boston, MA. Dr. Jackson serves
as a consultant to artists and scholars who are conducting visual and
cultural research related to African retentions in the Americas.

        an image from Dr. Jackson's portfolio

Dr. Jackson is available for a number of thought-provoking
visually -oriented lectures on:

-Ghana's Slave Forts and Castles
-From kingdoms to castles to the Middle Passage
-The Candomble of Brazil ( pic link)
-The Yoruba Religious Tradition in the Americas ( link to AWON)
-The Million Man and Million Women Marches of Washington DC and Philadelphia, PA
- Cross Cultural Influences ( link to Concord Bap church)

FESTAC, - more background to be added


view one of my documentary films | quicktime format

Invite Dr. Jackson to your school, organization, or institution for an
inspiring visual presentation that can be accompanied by a photography
exhibition and curriculum.

For more details, call (857)389-8986 mobile or inquire by e-mail.


71 Windsor St.
Boston, MA 02120
(617)442-1464, (857)389-8986 mobile
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