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Photographic Tiles

Afro-Ethnographs by Dr. Reginald L. Jackson

Artist Statement

I see my mission as a visual artist as presenting what has been seen before in new and provocative ways, while thinking about what is presented in ways not seen or thought of before. My work evolves from the mission of Olaleye Communications, Inc., which I founded in 1986 to distribute educational, visual, and cultural information pertaining to the African experience and the experiences of people of color; to be a resource base for young people and schools, institutions, educators, artists, historians, and scholars; and to implement projects and activities that bring this expanded world view of Africanisms or African Cultural Retentions to the Commonwealth and beyond. My purpose is to raise the consciousness of all people to the value of our common African heritage, and to provide specific visual images about what that heritage is while demonstrating how pervasive those images are. A manifestation of this vision has been the development of what I term Afro-Ethnographs: any visual creation that reflects traditional and contemporary African values while representing the highest standard of that medium.

Unity: The Fisherman Series - Ghana  1970
Unity, The Fisherman Series-Ghana, 1970

This piece was auctioned off at Sotheby's in New York, and at ArtCapital in Accra in 2001 and did quite well. It's 20" x 30" and one of my signature pieces. It comes with 2 inch flat black wooden frame.
$ call. (Giclee on watercolor paper)
Dance of the Filha de Santo
Dance of the Filha de Santo

This piece comes from the Candomble Series in Brasil. It has been exhibited as part of the UnBroken Circle exhibition at Harvard's David Rockefeller Center, 2002. It is in the collection at RISD where it was also exhibited. Giclee on watercolor paper similar to BFK. Less than six of these have been printed. 22 x 14.5 $ call.

Golden Boy as Anthony Cool
Golden Boy as Anthony Cool, 1971

This collage was done as a cover illustration for one of Herb Cole's books. Deals with the dichotomy of the streets and school It is a Giclee on watercolor paper. Approx 20" x 30." It comes with 2 inch flat black wooden frame. $ call. There is only one.

30" by 40" C-PRint

Fort Amsterdam
Fort Amsterdam -Ghana, 2001

This photograph is in the collection of the Yale University Art Gallery and was recently shown at Yale's Divinity School as part of their collection. It is believed that many of our African American ancestors passed through this fort on the way to the middle passage crossing to various parts of the New World. It's a Giclee on watercolor paper. 22 x 14 $ call. It comes matted with 2 inch flat black wooden frame.

Dance of the Filha de Santo
Things Go Better?, 1970 - Ghana

This piece was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Committed to the Image exhibition in 2001.
27 x 18 Giclee Print, 2 inch flat black frame. $ call.

Concord Baptist Church, The Urban Ceremonial Mask Series
Concord Baptist Church, The Urban Ceremonial Mask Series
(approximately 20" x 20")

This image superimposes the Benin Ceremonial Pendant over Concord Baptist Church in Boston's South End. It's a silver print and Was used as the promotional image for the Awon Orisa solo exhibit at the MIT Museum. There is a larger color representation approx. (24" x 24") This piece came out of this series that is in the MIT Museum collection and was created as part of Dr. Allan Crite's South End Walking tour series- 1976-77. B&W, the color piece framed is $ call.
Oshunmare, the Waterfalls, from the Orisa Series-Ghana
13" x 19", Color Giclee, 2010, $ call

Cape Coast
Cape Coast, Ghana
32" x 24" Iris print

call office for info
Sankana Slave Cave Series, Ghana
32" x 34" Iris print

Ft. San Sabastian, Shama, Ghana

Guinea Procession
Guinea Procession

Depicts the energy of opening day at Festac '77 in Lagos, Nigeria. Black and White on mural paper. 2' x 7' mounted on masonite framed in chrome with plexiglass, $ call. There are only two of these.

All photographs are also available as either Iris or silver prints (black and white or color) prints in the following sizes.

For prices of prints different than those shown, please contact the artist. The price for 11" x 14" print of most of the images is approximately $ call.


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Iris prints are digital prints on archival watercolor paper using a method which sprays the ink for an extremely color-saturated, painterly look. C-prints prints, silver prints, and cibachromes are prints on photographic paper most of which are from scans of 35mm slides. Both are archival. None of the images are digitally altered. All prints are signed and numbered. Request framed or un-framed.

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