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Artist Statement

I see my mission as a visual artist as presenting what has been seen before in new and provocative ways, while thinking about what is presented in ways not seen or thought of before. My work evolves from the mission of Olaleye Communications, Inc., which I founded in 1986 to distribute educational, visual, and cultural information pertaining to the African experience and the experiences of people of color; to be a resource base for young people and schools, institutions, educators, artists, historians, and scholars; and to implement projects and activities that bring this expanded world view of Africanisms or African Cultural Retentions to the Commonwealth and beyond. My purpose is to raise the consciousness of all people to the value of our common African heritage, and to provide specific visual images about what that heritage is while demonstrating how pervasive those images are. A manifestation of this vision has been the development of what I term Afro-Ethnographs: any visual creation that reflects traditional and contemporary African values while representing the highest standard of that medium.

Prints shown in the gallery or on the website, are available as archival pigment, iris or silver prints in black and white or color in the following sizes: 11” x 14”,16” x 20”, 20” x 30”, 24” x 36”, 30” x 40” and, as murals. Archival pigment prints are resilient to the environmental elements that commonly degrade and erode dye molecules shortening the life of a print. Iris prints are digital prints on archival watercolor paper using a method which sprays ink for an extremely color saturated, painterly look. C-prints, silver prints and cibachromes are prints on very stable substrates and are from scans of analog or digital images. All prints are signed, dated and numbered. For prices of prints exhibited or on the web site, please contact the artist.