Olaleye Communications, Inc

Awon Orisa (The gods)

Photographs by Reginald L. Jackson, PhD

Awon Orisa is an exhibition of 50 large photographs that depict the natural domains and rituals of the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria. This traveling multimedia presentation is assisted by a curriculum for school children and is opened and closed with traditional African celebrations.

An Exhibition The Orisha* are African deities of the Yoruba tradition. This exhibit demonstrates that Africanisms or African retentions exist in abundance in the Americas, and that these Africanisms are of immense value to our society.

The educational component consists of a curriculum that is geared to any educational level. Opening and closing performances/ceremonies, in concert with the exhibition, occur with support from traditional African religious leaders and the students of the educational institutions that Awon Orisa is involved in.

If you would like to have any part of this program at your school or organization use the e-mail button below or call (857)389-8986

*Anglicized spelling
This exhibit is produced by Olaleye Communications Inc. and features photographs by Reginald L. Jackson, Ph.D.